Advantages to Green Cleaning:
• Reduced exposure to harmful cleaning chemical
• Improved indoor air quality
• Reduced allergic reactions due to chemical
   sensitivity & dust particles
• Improved cleaning effectiveness
• Reduced build up from detergents left on surfaces
• Improved protection of our environment
Green cleaning also includes such practices as:
• Proper recycling programs that ensure your recyclables are
collected and placed in the proper recycling bins;
• Cleaning in a systematic fashion to reduce the use of
electricity at night which aids in reducing our customer's
carbon footprint and utility bills;
• Use of HEPA Filtered vacuums which reduce dust particulates
in the air to help maintain a dust free facility and reduces
• Using cleaning materials that we have laundered by a
professional laundry company in order to reduce that amount
going to landfills and reduce the amount of water for laundry;
• We even plan out the logistical deployment of cleaners in a
way that increases fuel efficiency and decreases gas
consumption each night.

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